Fall Semester 2010

This semester I will be working with students who are enrolled in the online version of General Computer Literacy (CMPSC 201). The course is three (3) units and has NO reguired on-campus meetings.  

The catalog description of the course states that CMPSC 201 is a:

"Survey of the functions and uses of computers in business, education, industry, and science with
emphasis on the personal computer; study of computers and peripheral equipment as integrated
systems; exploration of the impact of computers on society; introduction to problem-solving and
applications programming techniques; experience with popular internet and application packages
on the laboratory microcomputers. (A-F or P/NP) Approved for hybrid, telecourse and on-line


By way of introduction and welcome to the course let me say that the students and I will use several types of media as resource and delivery modes for this course. We'll cover the same materials as the traditional on campus CMPSC 201 course, but use this online mode.  While at times it might be a little confusing or challenging, my hope is that we'll all find it exciting and gain much from the "any time and place" delivery for learning.

We'll rely on use of the internet resources, as well as book materials and class discussions. In addition to the literacy and internet study, you'll may make use of a training manual which will guide you through Microsoft's application software MS Word and MS Excel. You must have access a version of MS Office software (Word and Excel ) or be willing to come to the MJC Library or Magic lab in order to complete your assignments. MS Works will not work for this class.

A class communication system via the course management software will allow you to ask questions and interact with your fellow students.  Blackboard will also provide for testing at assigned intervals. The site will also link you to other course resources on the internet.

To access help and ask questions for this class, we will have discussion areas for all to share ideas, questions and concerns, of course e-mail will be another mode for communication along with chat and I'm always willing to meet with you in person on campus.

....Again welcome!